Angus Miquiline South Africa | Angus Miquiline Suid Afrika

Angus Miquiline Stud

We started the black Angus in 2010 buying females from Brian Angus In 2012 we selected only the best out of 30 leaving us with 14 very nice milky medium cows.

We bought our bulls, Aucdene 35M, Epworth Ladysman as well as A Final Answer, embryo from America.  In 2014 my son started a red stud; buying females from Brian Angus, Bon Haven, Waterval Angus and Martiens le Roux.


Miquiline Angus

Mequatling Call of Duty (AI Bull)

Miquiline Angus

Mequatling Matador (AI Bull)

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