Hereford Miquiline Horned

Hereford Miquiline Horned

Horns help combat predators such as the caracal and Black-backed Jackal, found all across South Africa. Horned Herefords offers the same quality of meat as Polled Herefords, because when the calves are marketed on weaning age, they don't have any horns yet.

Certificate of Excellence

  1. One of the most fertile breed
  2. Has the best temperament
  3. Low birth weight
  4. Very good weaning weight
  5. Genetically meat cattle - 300 years of genes captured
  6. A lot of other breeds find their origin in Hereford e.g. Braford
  7. Popular at feedlots
  8. Popular at abattoirs
  9. No proven reason to not farm with Herefords
  10. Some of the best feed conversion
  11. Many farmers can testify of the hybrid power in South Africa
  12. Longevity

As you can see, one of the best breeds for commercial farming purposes.

Miquiline Gauche semen available from CVR XSEED for the dairy industry, small calves.
Other semen available on request.

Syferpan Stanmore 47R -

Syferpan Stanmore 47R

Syferpan Stanmore 47R -

Syferpan Stanmore 47R

Syferpan Tremendous -

Syferpan Tremendous

Rambo -


Hereford 903 -

Hereford 903

Miquiline Caroline -

Miquiline Caroline

Miquiline LB13-06 -

Miquiline LB13-06

Syferpan George -

Syferpan George

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